Rise Up San Antonio Interview – Wrigleyville Grill

Dec 18, 2019

In November 2015 Jimmy was interviewed by Rise Up San Antonio. Check out the video and transcript below.

Full Transcript:

– Good afternoon, everyone. Michelle here with with Rise Up San Antonio. And today I have the pleasure of being at Wrigleyville Grill with Jimmy Tingas. Hi Jimmy, how are you today?

– I’m doing well, how about yourself?

– I’m doing great, thank you.

– Wonderful.

– So tell me a little bit how you came up with this idea to have a Chicago style restaurant here in San Antonio.

– Well we came down here five years ago and was hard to find a place that had Chicago authentic food, and I’ve been in the business for about 25 years in restaurants up in Chicago. So we brought it down here to San Antonio.

– Okay, so you’ve been here since 2010.

– We’ve been down here since 2010, and we opened up the restaurant, Wrigleyville Grill, in December 2013.

– Awesome. So tell me a little bit about your menu. Is it just strictly Chicago-style hot dogs?

– Definitely not. It’s a variety of different Chicago foods, and if you ever been to Chicago you know that the number one food is the hot dog, the Chicago hot dog. Also we have Italian beefs, the famous Italian beefs, which are homemade. That’s my father’s recipe, it’s been in the family for 50 years. We also make a gyro from scratch, made outta pork. We do the gyros in-house. We also make a baklava, which is… My wife makes it homemade. The tzatziki that we make here is made with Greek yogurt, garlic, and cucumber, so it’s really authentic. It’s authentic Greek.

– Awesome, and what about your health-conscious viewers, is there anything that you offer for them?

– The health-conscious viewers, we have our Athenian salads and our Village salads. All the salads are made in-house, and our Greek dressing is also made in-house. We make it homemade with extra virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar, so it’s some of the best salads that you’ll ever eat. The feta cheese is imported, Kalamata olives are imported also. It’s a great salad.

– Awesome, sounds amazing. So I also hear that you have a specialty beer here at your restaurant.

– We do. We have 312, which is a Chicago brew. It’s a Goose Island beer. We’re still trying to get, for anybody out there listening, we’re still trying to get Old Style down here. Any distributors wanna carry it? Let me know, ’cause we wanna sell it.

– Okay, awesome. Last thing I need to know is where can our viewers find your location?

– They could find us at 602 Northwest Loop 410. We’re inside the Park North shopping center. We’re between Sears and the frontage road. And then also you could find us online at www.wrigleyvillegrill.com, and also on Facebook you could find us.

– Wrigleyville Grill, find ’em on Facebook and like their fan page.


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